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From NY, to London, to Italy, artist Jacob Hashimoto creates, travels and shows with his bicycle in tow.

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Artist Jacob Hashimoto was a studio mate of Upright’s founder at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago in the 90’s. He currently calls Brooklyn home, but maintains an address in Italy. He shows primarily with Mary Boone in New York, but his work takes him all over the world.

Jacob’s work has many influences, including American post-war abstractionism, 70’s pattern design, hard-edged painting and post-modern 90’s slacker painting. His installations are big. They take over the room they occupy, mashing up references to nature, traditional landscapes and spirituality. The end effect is a graphically charged environment that while modern, is still welcoming. His work makes you reflect.

Jacob was raised in Washington state and Greely, Colorado, and during these younger years was involved in BMX and mountain biking. He moved to New York City in 2008, where he began riding again as a way to avoid the adventures of

public transportation. He’s been a daily bike commuter ever since. He describes riding in the city as ‘freeing’. The combination of speed, energy, traffic and risk elicit the same excitement he experienced when bombing around the neighborhood on his first BMX bikes. He’s loath to admit it, but he knows that the cycling culture in NYC is beginning to change. As more emphasis is placed on active transportation, steps are being taken to make riding safer and more regulated. The recent rash of riders ticketed by the NYPD for speeding in central park is a good example. Jacob is all for more and safer riding, but there’s a part of him that’s going to miss flying full speed through streets packed with traffic and pedestrians. Between his home and studio he maintains an impressive number of bikes; multiple townies, a couple of vintage Hutch and Kuwahara BMX bikes, and several fixies. He also has a few road bikes he breaks out for longer rides.

Over the last few years, Jacob has started doing regular club rides with a group made up of creative professionals; some fine artists, graphic designers, film production professionals, and ad guys. The cross industry talk is always enriching. He also believes that the improved fitness he’s gained from the longer, harder rides aids his studio work, which is physically demanding.

The complexity and effort required to install his work at shows requires Jacob to spend significant chunks of time in cities across the world. To make sure he doesn’t miss riding while he’s away, he had Bilenky Cycle Works in PA couple one of his favorite road bikes so it can travel. All of Jacob’s studio assistants cycle as well. This has resulted in more than a few memorable ‘work rides’ in places like Italy, Spain, England, and the Alps. There’s a running joke among gallery owners that Jacob only does European shows that coincide with the Tour or the Giro.


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Jacob’s Photos

Building the show

Jacob’s gallery shows involve the installation of hundreds to thousands of hand made kites.

Top 5

Jacob's Brooklyn

  • Chelsea

    Most of my professional life centers around the Mary Boone Gallery on 5th Ave between 57th & 58th

  • Cat's Paw in Central Park

    A well known hill behind the Met, and my favorite race finish in the park.

  • The Williamsburg Bridge

    A fixture on my daily commute.

  • The George Washington Bridge

    The gateway to the rest of the world.

  • 55th between 1st & Madison

    If I really hammer, I can make all the lights before the turn on Madison.

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